Tuesday, May 22, 2012

If you're pregnant and you know it, clap your hands!

Mini-Muffin Journal Week Seven
Week of Pregnancy: Seven
Cravings: None so far. Eating a lot of Mashed Potato though.
Aversions: Everything that is not mashed potato.
Husbands excitement rating: Attempting to me non-chalaunt, but gave hand an extra squeeze in the sonogram room and smiled and laughed a lot. Still rolls eyes at discussions about baby names, tutus and baby furniture.

So – week 7 of our little Mini-Muffin’s existence. Last week Justin and I got confirmation via sonogram that Mini-Muffin is alive, healthy and has a strong heartbeat. Maybe I’m bias, but apparently a very strong heartbeat for 6 weeks 2 days. Perhaps a mini-hulk on our hands, or a marathon runner? Either way, we’re so excited, but after last time, understandably nervous. This time we have so much more to lose if something goes wrong. Last pregnancy we hadn’t seen a heartbeat or a picture, we were simply told ‘it’s not there’ at seven weeks, so this time around it feels surreal to get this far. So much further – a heartbeat, meaning there is actually life in my poly-cystic, cyst-covered, potentially hostile uterus. It kind of hasn’t sunk in yet. I’m waiting for 12 weeks anxiously, as is Justin, trying not to celebrate too soon. We’ve let everyone know (we facebooked in a moment of ecstasy after the ultrasound) so whenever anyone says ‘congratulations’, it’s a ‘Thank-you, but it’s early weeks yet’ just to be on the cautious side.
On the other hand. I feel like a whale already – bloated, bowel-challenged, nauseous, weepy. Yep, pretty sure hormones are in overdrive, which means everything is flowing smoothly! Have learned that I should;
a)      Be eating seven (SEVEN!) serves of veg and three serves of fruit per day (Lucky if I get two of those in – and I used to looooove vegetables!!)
b)      Cut down on caffeine. Check. Have cut all caffeine from diet. Feel constantly tired after already being weaned from my school-musical induced seven-cups-of-coffee-a-day-oh-god-I-miss-the-bean stupor.
c)       Focus all my positive vibes on creating a placenta (originally our safe word for leaving a party early) out of little more than soy chips and mashed potato, as this is all I am able to consume without feeling spewy. Placental affirmation chant goes like this: Who’s a placenta making-machine? YOU”RE A PLACENTA MAKING MACHINE!! YAAAR!! (pirate noises)
d)      Not take neurofen or telfast. Damn you headaches and pollen.
e)      Soy chips are amazing. Nibble when spewy.
f)       Stop singing to sonograms. It’s not cool, despite how Glee makes it look.
So, for now. Try not to throw up, eat more protein and try not to let my year 12 (overly interested in my private life) students find out I’m pregnant.

Fingers And Toes Crossed (Ecstatically!)

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