Sunday, November 11, 2012

Dear Miss Muffin - Week 33

Dear Miss Muffin,
Mummy and Daddy are so excited to see you – just around the corner now!
 This you have grown SO MUCH since we first found out about you! You are now over 2 kilograms in weight and around about 45cms long from head to toe.

We have put together a cot, a bassinet, a bouncer, a change table, and found you lots and lots of clothes (probably too many!) for when you come home on the *outside*.

Yesterday you kicked Daddy in the head.

You wake Mummy up at night with your kicks, but she thinks it’s fabulous. We love every movement – even the ones that tickle or are surprisingly strong!

Nali (Mummy’s Mum) and Nockie (Mummy’s Dad) have bought a stack of NAPPIES for when you come home and, of course, many other exciting things like baby wipes and blankets! Nanny and Pa (Daddy’s Mum and Dad) have printed you some special ‘onesies’ for your first year – designed by Mummy! You will surely be the most stylish and colourful baby on the block!

We are planning your room in our new house, and wondering what colours you will like, what games you will want to play, what books you will read... but that’s all to come.

Time is going so quickly – Mummy is making a special blanket with lots of colours and love just for you when you are born - It's almost half way done!

Keep Kicking Muffin! We Can’t wait to meet you in around 6 to 8 weeks!

Lots of love,

Mummy and Daddy

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