Saturday, July 28, 2012

Worries, Stretching, being ALONE!

Worries, Stretching, being ALONE!

Week of Pregnancy: 16 & 17
Food to Fetus Comparison: Sweet Potato/ Around 6 inches and 100 grams.
Cravings: Not a lot. Eating because of boredom and stress, as per pre-pregnancy.
Aversions: Nothing. Like, not even the stuff I’m allergic to... this can’t be good?!
Husband’s excitement metre: Don’t know – he’s abandoned me for the snow...

So I’m tired. Yeah, the energy burst didn’t last forever. Perhaps overdid it during the week of energy. I’m pretty sure I used it all up.
This week (16) we’re back at school, so haven’t had a lot of time to think about what was going on. I’ve been desperately trying to feel movement, but pretty sure I mistake digestion for baby kicking, which I am humble enough to admit. Would really appreciate some movement because, although I’m getting bigger, there are very few actual signs that I am pregnant. Except for scary ones, which is typical, now that I am on my own for 8 days and live in a tiny town an hour and a half from a decent hospital or ultrasound. Awesome. So here’s what’s been going on:
1.      Cramps. Yeah. Not exactly a ‘good’ sign but I’ve been told they are probably round-ligament pains as my uterus is currently the size of a rockmelon (a lot larger than usual, for those who don’t subscribe to ‘Your Uterus and U!’) Was not too worried about these, as google is generally a good judge of medical issues and told me not to worry... UNLESS...
2.      Spotting (light or intermittent bleeding) occurs. Yep. Thanks Google, as soon as I read this, guess what happened. The good news is (probably TMI for most of you) it was definitely old blood, not new, so perhaps a cervix tear as everything expands... and probably from a few days/week ago.
Needless to say, as soon as this happened, I freaked out. Justin is 300000000 km away at Perisher, my Mum and Dad are in Scotland, and my Brother (bless him) never answers his freaking phone, and is still 6 hours away with uni to do. Also, I seem to be having another hormonal surge and cry a lot... for several hours. 

Also I dream about Zombies and have to sleep with the light on.


So I call the midwife the next day, during my spare at school. Receptionist promises she will get back to me. Unfortunately we play a bit of phone-tag as I teach three classes and she has patients to see, but finally I call back again, from my car, in my five minutes of spare time before final class on Wednesday.

Me: “Hi Irene, It’s Rhona Bechaz here, I just wanted to ask you a couple of questions about my pregnancy.”
Irene: Fire away, that’s why I’m here!
Me: (Tells tale of cramping and spotting expecting a brush off of ‘don’t worry, that’s perfectly normal’)
Irene: Ah. Okay, you need to go home and lie down.
Me: Uh, what?
Irene: Yes, that’s not a great sign – hopefully it will clear up on it’s own but you should really lie down for a couple of days and not do anything.
Me: But... I have athletics carnival tomorrow... I’m integral to the novelty egg-and-spoon event!
Irene: No.
Me: really?
Irene: Go home and stay there for at least two days. In bed. No cleaning, no shopping, no standing.
Me: Holy mother of god what is wrong with me?!?!?!

I then proceed to cry a lot after hanging up. Not great, as I still have to teach a class of grade 8’s in 5 minutes time. I walk into staffroom and cry to Athletics Carnival organisers, who are very understanding. I find out I am not as integral as I thought, and they are able to cover for me. I still feel bad, and kind of in shock, as I rarely take a day off except for when I’m feeling really sick. A couple of cramps and a single spot of blood don’t really rate on my sick metre, but I’m not taking any chances. 

Deputy Principal is also very understanding, but that could be because I look like a panda and am still crying a waterfall. (Hormones and because I’m a bit scared at this point) I attempt to clean my face and teach 70 minutes of grade 8 art, before picking up my stuff and driving home. I sit in bed, cry more, and cuddle my dogs (on the bed... naughty!).

So, all in all, not a fabulous way to end week 16 into 17... but I am guessing my body is telling me to slow down and stop being so busy and stressed. Understandable. 

No cramps today and no spotting since that first time, so I think it was just a warning to slow down and take time doing nothing, which I will attempt to do. It’s really hard, though.
So, wish us luck – Mini-Muffin and Me – until Justin returns to wait on me hand and foot ;).

Love xxx

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