Thursday, December 27, 2012

Pineapples, Raspberry Tea and NESTING!

Week of Pregnancy 38/39
Fruit to Fetus Comparison: Watermelon/Pumpkin is still in play – as there’s not a lot bigger than one of those. This week is somewhere between 3 – 4 kgs. Hopefully closer to the 3…

Mother’s impatience: Not a lot – I get moments of impatience where I just want labour to begin, but I’m actually quite happy just chilling out with Muffin in my tummy. The real work begins when she’s born – a little bit freaked out about that as this one I won’t be able to win over with my amazing personality…
Husband’s excitement metre: High. He has FINALLY moved down to the Sunshine Coast and finished work for X-mas so all is well! He’s enjoying chilling out, but also quite excited about bubby’s entrance into the world!
So this week (actually, 1.5 weeks – I am slack) I’ve been on the Sunshine Coast getting everything ready, going to appointents (some fun, some not) and generally nesting. Nesting horribly. It’s hard to nest when you’re not in your own home, so I have taken up cooking and sewing along with my crocheting. Had two doc appointments over the last week and a half and all seems well! My lovely midwife has checked out the position and little Miss Muffin is engaged and ready to go (YAY!), in the right position (no longer posterior – is now anterior, which means facing down with face toward my spine – that’s the way we like it!) and is a good size. Apparently NOT ten pounds (OH THANK GOD!), but that’s about all they could tell from having a feel. Heartbeat was fabulous and she’s kicking me all the time so I am feeling very good about her health. Dr B has implied I may not go into labour until January, however. I would prefer sooner rather than later for two reasons – 1. Justin only has three weeks off (including his Christmas break) and I was hoping he would spend a lot of time with his baby daughter before going back to work full time) and 2. I think I will get quite impatient come Christmas/New Year time. What can I say, it’s a bad trait of mine. So I’m trying to ‘nudge’ things along naturally…
Have taken up drinking a lot of Raspberry Leaf tea (Which, for your information, tastes like grass and makes you all hot and sweaty in this weather, but is supposed to tone the uterus and make labour progress more quickly), eating pineapple, walking on the beach, sitting on the birth ball etc. Have been told having a lot of sex will help – well I won’t share with you the details, but basically I am the size of a medium-sized rhino, and good luck manoeuvring this booty around.
On that note, I have returned to sewing! Have so far made a lot of toys (some for Miss Muffin, some not!) and some Nappy Covers! Love them!
So far I’ve made:
Florence the Dinosaur
Gilgamesh the Owl (Conqueror of Worlds - Justin Named him)
Six little owls that I will turn into a mobile for a friend (Baby due 14th Feb!)
Three Nappy Covers which I think are adorable J
Also have crocheted a baby hat and am finishing the baby blanket. And I did some painting and cooking. Gotta keep busy!
We finally packed our bag for the hospital - I have a stack of Muffin's clothes layed out and ready to go!

Plus mittens and socks and a hat. Hopefully won't forget anything but if so - Justin can just run back and grab it after Bubby is born :) Anyway - lots of preps to do for Christmas!  Here's me at Week 38! (In my yoga pants and breastfeeding top - super attractive!)
See you for Christmas!
PS: I love Felt and Ribbons.

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