Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Very Pregnant Christmas! (the tale of Barbara Manatee, Lord of the Rings, a Nicer Dicer and Pavlova)

39 Weeks Pregnant (40 weeks tomorrow!) and it's CHRISTMAS!

The Christmas Spirit is in the air, with all the hustle and bustle of Christmas shoppers, Christmas carols TV, Christmas shows, and baking/cooking for Christmas day. It’s actually made me want to name the baby ‘Mistletoe’ or ‘Holly’ or ‘Ivy’ or ‘Noelle’. Maybe ‘Christina’ and ‘Angel’ might be going a bit far.

I mother-flipping love Christmas – My favourite time of year!

Nothing better than listening to the old greats wail away on our Christmas CD (which I made when I was 14 and just learned about burning software!) while cooking a ham/turkey/gingerbread/pavlova and looking at the tree all lit up with Christmas lights and TINSEL! J

Today consisted of – wake up groggily (bad night’s sleep unfortunately! The constant toilet trips and uncomfortable sleeping position has finally crept up on me) had some fruit and a cup of tea, had a shower and got dressed, chilled out for a while as Justin woke up, and then it was PRESENTS TIME!

The traditional Crawford Christmas consists of the gift giver handing out their presents to their recipients – As we sat drinking our tea/juice we opened present after present, marvelling in what each other had given or received. It was simply lovely! We are definitely an excellent gift-giving family with proportionately less socks given (a total of six pairs) than in some families. In particular, Justin (who had done secret Christmas shopping without my knowledge) surprised me with presents I had no idea about and were just GORGEOUS! Including a Slicer/Dicer thingy I had seen on the shopping channel and had decided was the only thing that would make my life easier in the kitchen. He had argued vehemently, lulling me into a false sense of loss, and had surprised me with it! I hate and love that man (mostly love.)

For some reason, lots of people gave me OWL related things J (Mug from Justin)

(Hint: I am a bit obsessed – they’re super adorable - especially the Frog-Mouthed Owlet below!) as well as a laptop tray for your lap, a fat piggy bank, gorgeous bags and a purse, a calendar of my favourite artists, photo frames, - and more adorable things! One very spoilt lady right here!

Then proceeded to have some bbq’d breakfast/brunch (By now 11.30am) and marvel over our gifts some more and enjoy each other’s company. After a quick wash up, I retired to do what many people do on Christmas after consuming a lot of food, and lapsed into a food coma and slept for an hour and a half. Now, I like to blame the pregnancy for this, but it doesn’t explain the other years in which this has occurred. Nap was amazing and woke up feeling thoroughly revitalised and ready for a swim.

Justin and I wallowed in the pool for an hour or two (Despite my attempt at being graceful in the water, I really did wallow – incurring Justin’s new nickname for me, Barbara Manatee, which also includes a song and which I am quite fond of – check it out here) and laughed at Miss Muffin’s kicks. She had been very quiet – probably squashed by all my egg and ham breakfast – and started kicking like crazy when we were in the pool. She is going to be a little dolphin I think!

After Ewan joined us for a swim, we hopped out and I decorated the Pavlova ready for the evening (YUM), drank cordial (the others had their beer/wine/whisky/scotch), chatted, prepared dinner with mum and tested out my new NICER DICER!! (Yet another great gift of Justin’s!) Did not slice off finger, which was a bonus. We pulled crackers (of which I lost all battles), ate some Turkey and stuffed ourselves silly on delicious food (Dad’s famous stuffing), drank some more (or they did), chatted some more (reminiscing over weddings, childhood memories and dirty jokes), before watching the rest of Lord of the Rings - the Fellowship of the Ring. (It's just a whole lot of walking - has anyone else noticed that?)

We finished the night with Pavlova and Batman.

Basically – awesome day. It feels like we did everything and nothing, and I’m going to bed happy, unstressed and not too exhausted!

Tomorrow is our official due date – 40 weeks! – so keep your fingers crossed she comes soon! Our last Christmas as a single couple (as in – no kids!) has officially finished, and I unfortunately didn’t get to dress Muffin in the cute santa-elf outfit I bought in case she came early. Well, there’s always ebay!

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!


Barbara Manatee xxx

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