Monday, January 14, 2013

Week 40/41 – The Waiting Game

(I am writing this later than 40 weeks! Found I had no time in the last couple of weeks to fill in my blog! I am so slack!)
At 40 and 41 weeks I found myself going from anticipation to emotional crying, as I felt I was so ready to be a mum, and just wanted things to get moving. I had kept myself busy walking around shops (air con!), watching Game of Thrones with Justin (who came down before Christmas) drinking copious amounts of Raspberry Leaf Tea (see previous blog – supposed to help with labour), swimming and generally expecting every tiny twinge to become impending labour like see in the movies. Okay, I was a bit more realistic than expecting to be in a shopping centre and my waters to break and to start screaming ‘the baby’s coming! Get hot towels!’, but one could only hope.
But, things don’t go to plan. As it turned out I didn’t get to go into labour naturally which was a little disappointing, as at 11 days overdue my lovely Doc decided to induce for baby’s safety and mine. Basically if some babies get ‘overcooked’ there can be issues with placenta not doing its job and things can go wrong in some cases (Note: SOME cases! Many women go overdue by weeks and are just fine, as is bub!) But we decided to take doc’s advice, not being medically trained ourselves. So we booked in for Sunday night in the hospital. I still had preconceived notions that my birth plan (or ‘guidelines’ as we like to call them) could continue unscathed.

Our birth plan:
Natural labour
No drugs

(Here’s a hint – didn’t go exactly to plan)
So on Sunday Night at 7.30, Justin and I loaded our bags (and baby’s bags) into the car and set off for the hospital for the most epic journey we would ever take. It was our last car ride as a married couple with no kids – next time I was in the car the little seat in the back would be filled with a gorgeous bouncing baby girl. We couldn’t wait – a wonderous and overwhelming experience awaited us in the next twenty four hours.

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