Monday, August 20, 2012

9 Canvases for Miss Muffin

Week 21 – 9 Canvases for Miss Muffin

Fruit to Fetus Comparison: Large Mango. Weighs about 400-450gms We’re running out of fruuuuit!
Found this cool website that shows you the fruit your baby is closest to!
Cravings: Failing at eating healthily. Sure, I might eat a few oranges and some vegetables and meat, but I’ve also eaten nearly a litre of cookies and cream icecream in a couple of days... Have put on 5kgs so far and am only half way through!! (OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD!)
Aversions: Freaking nothing. Why can’t I have aversions to dairy products and sugar?
Husbands’ excitement metre:
Chillin. Justin more or less. See emotional scale below.
Mini-Muffin Kick-Counter:
Many kicks, especially after icecream consumption and drinking cold juice.

So, this week has been busy. Actually, the last two weeks have been hectic, so I didn’t really post a lot last week. I did write a letter, with some small contributions by Justin. I’ve been noticing a lot of fluctuations in my mood since becoming pregnant – especially random snappiness (yes, I admit, I’ve been less charming lately), whining and complaining, nagging, but also some super-highs and bouts of laughing when Miss Muffin kicks me in the guts. I have drawn a comparison scale of Justin’s emotions, compared to mine. Please see the legend below to figure out who is who... in case you couldn’t tell. Also, the numbers on the scale depict the reason for the fluctuating emotion.

Pink - Rhona
Blue - Justin

1. Woke up super happy (though tired) because ... well, just because.
2. Realised it was Monday.
3. Realised I had a cupcake to take to school.
4. Got cranky for no reason. Then got a supervision in a spare and got crankier.
5. Taught Grade 9’s and 8’s. Some students were douches. Most were nice but were cancelled out by the kid trying to cut his shoe up with a lino tool.
6. Could no longer do up art apron at the front like the cool kids. Had to move bow to the back. Felt like a whale.
7.  Potatoes and Gravy from tuckshop
8. Chocolates in staffroom.
9. Supervision class was lovely. We watch a youtube video on fainting goats which makes my day. Watch video here à Fainting Goats
10. Had a fresh orange. Was really good.Like, REALLY good.
11. Orange juice went everywhere causing stickiness and discomfort. This causes grumpiness. Wonder if I have depression. Call self stupid for thinking I have depression over an orange. Mentally slap self in face.
12. Cheerleading practice!
13. Internet was down for a few minutes.

As you can see, Justin rides a rollercoaster of emotion on a daily basis, while mine revolves around food. 

Anyway, despite bouts of crying over adorable emails (still happening) most things have been running smoothly.
For the past few weeks I’ve been working on a project for Mini Muffin, even before we knew she was a girl! I started painting some canvases for her room. They are rainbow (of course) and a little psychedelic, and unfinished, but I thought I’d post them this week.
We went with the theme of animals, because it was unisex and fun J And so, I painted some jungle/circus/unidentified animals to hang on our child’s wall!

This is Leo. He is a lion. He likes the colour red. He is a secret hoarder. I need to finish his eyes.

Nelly is a bit smelly, but you can forgive her because love-hearts come out of her trunk. Also need to finish eyes.
These Turtles are inseparable – Fergus, Frannie and Phil like to play leapfrog, and fail.

Horace the Rhino is only half done. He enjoys long walks on the beach. I think he needs some spots.

Ezra is a reindeer/antelope hybrid. Nobody knows how that happened. Also, his horns are on fire. He needs eyes and to be finished as does his background. Also, he is on a background of teal, not gross dark green. My lighting is horrible in here.

Zelda the Zebra is rather posh. Her yellow stripes make her feel she is above the other Zebras. She doesn’t realise they all call her a cow behind her back. Maybe if Zelda focused on her career rather than her looks people would respect her more.

Alvin and Marvin are Monkeys. They like to eat bananas. They are stereotypical, but call you racist if you say so. Obviously there is a lot of mystery behind these two – what colour will they be? Well. We’ll find out on the weekend when I finish them.

Kayla the Giraffe is overly friendly, and sometimes hugs strangers. People regard Kayla with suspicion because of her height. She resents them for this. Kayla needs eyes and proper background flora.

Finally, Satine. Satine is an orange hippo, which isn’t easy for her in the wild, as camouflage is nearly impossible. Satine still needs facial features, as do the rest of the animals, but is by far the most patchy.

So hope you enjoyed the animals – will post when they’re done J Have a couple of projects to complete before Miss Muffin makes her arrival into the world! Will share as they arrive!

Lots of Love


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