Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Dear Mini-Muffin - Week 20

Darling Mini-Muffin

You are now 21 weeks old, and around about 350grams. You are around about the length of a very large banana!

You are a GIRL (according to the lovely radiologist!) which has allowed Mummy and Daddy to halve their naming choices! 

Dad was sure you were a girl all along, and now he gloats... a lot.

We are all quite impressed with your glamour shots, though you got a bit shy when the ultrasound tried to take your picture and covered your face with your hands! 

Our favourite names for you right now are:

Isla,  Aria and Cleo

but there are many, many others!

You have started to move a lot in Mummy’s tummy, and like to let her know you’re there when you’re not getting enough attention! Just little flutters right now, because you are still quite small!
Mummy thinks maybe you will be a gymnast. Daddy can’t feel you yet, and he thinks you’re making Mummy more crazy than usual.

Mummy is now too big for her jeans by a long shot, and is opting for stretchy fabrics.

Zy-Zy and Docky have decided to move to Biloela to be close to you! Mummy and Daddy want to build a house and have lots of meetings to sort it out.

Everyone is super busy right now with work, but we take a lot of time to think about you. 

We already love you so much. In only 19 weeks you will be born and we’ll get to meet you

Counting down the days,


Mummy and Daddy xxx

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