Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The joys of being kicked in your sleep and no longer fitting in small spaces...

The joys of being kicked in your sleep and no longer fitting in small spaces...

Fruit to Fetus Comparison: Spaghetti Squash/Ear of corn (Approx 400-450gms and 28cms)

Cravings:  Sugar and naughty food. Have been resisting the urge as much as possible, and trying to eat healthy! I don't know if you can get olfactory cravings, but the smell of jasmine (in flower!!) is heavenly and I just want to smell it all the time!

Aversions: Bread gives me core-of-the-earth heartburn (Says the girl who used to eat hot curries)

Husbands’ excitement metre:

Mini-Muffin Kick-Counter: Kick-a-rific! Up to around 20 – 30 a day (mini ones mostly!) very active muffin at the moment!

So this week Miss Muffin has contented herself with using my body as a personal gym. I’m sure this is only to get worse as the weeks go on, but some very big, surprising, kicks have been happening this week! So big, in fact, that JUSTIN CAN FEEL THEM! Yes! Finally Justin can be physically involved in this pregnancy, other than donating some DNA. Obviously he’s been present for ultrasounds and has dealt with all the emotional eating/crying/sleeping, but the fact that he can feel our daughter move is very very cool!

We are in the midst of buying/designing a house at the moment, and he is getting very ‘nesty’. I’m sure this will be me in a few weeks (and I’m excited about the decorating) but for once Justin is the one excited about room size and floor space, while I get to daydream about painting the walls and planting a garden.

Apart from the kicking (which has been upgraded from ‘goldfish/popcorn’ status to ‘someone is flicking the inside of my tummy with a plastic ruler’ status) nothing much has been happening this week! I have much more energy, which is good, because there’s a lot more to do at the moment (work, house, extra-curricular etc).

I feel much less ‘chipper’ than usual, but this is possibly to do with work more than anything else. I feel less like myself and more like a ‘grey’ version of me, which is not so great. Whinging emo that I am. 

On a more hilarious note, I’m finding it hard to navigate the art room storeroom, and often find myself having to go around things that normally I could just slip in between. We have large compacting shelves, and when they are slightly overstocked,  I have to send students in to get things rather than go myself. They laugh at me. Also it might have been because I turned one of my eyebrows green today with Lino-printing ink.

Not to mention (another pregnant-art-teacher-related-problem) I find the bottom part of my tummy now protrudes so much that it is starting to get in the way of my art teaching. Ie: My clothes have a line of paint/graphite/lino ink/glue on them permanently (have taken to wearing aprons) and I get prodded by waist-level objects a lot. Also my students find it hilarious that I have to ask them to move their chairs in to the tables so I can get past. Only half way, and not THAT huge, I can’t imagine how this is going to work in 15 weeks time!

Yes, people, I’m planning on working until the end of the year. I am mentally preparing myself for the possibility of failure, as this is dependent on health, heat and how grumpy I am. My midwife (bless her) looked at me like I was crazy when I said I wanted to work up until the end of the year, but what else am I going to do? It’s not like I have a choice to sit at home and do nothing (I’ll go crazy, and we need money to buy a house!). It would be much smarter, considering our daughter’s due date, to take maternity leave starting next year, and get normal pay over the holidays. Of course, when have babies ever understood the concept of smartly timed maternity leave? She'll come when she darn well wants to, and do with my body what she will in the meantime!

In saying that, I have to get a certificate saying I can work (with doctor’s permission) up until the end of the year. Otherwise I have to stop around week 6 next term, due to government law. Fingers crossed our lovely doctor (and Miss Muffin) allow this to happen!

Anyway, maternity leave or not, it’s a tough gig at the moment! Off to finish the work-load and get kicked as I attempt to sleep! Here’s what I want to do to Miss Muffin’s bedroom in our potential new home (fingers crossed! Not definite yet!) I love this colour with the white cot and furniture :) Simple but gorgeous!

And just for interest - blue for girls a big no-no? I don't think so, but tell me what you think! There will also be many forms of rainbow and colourful things in there :)




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