Tuesday, September 11, 2012

So, hold on a sec... how does this baby get out of my uterus? THIS JUST GOT REAL!

So, hold on a sec... how does this baby get out of my uterus? 

Week of Pregnancy: 23/24
Fruit to Fetus Comparison: Eggplant (Approx 760grams and 30 cms long)
Cravings:  Oranges, Icecream and Cold Water – Getting warmer!
Aversions: Bread & Sugars don’t sit well with me, but I eat them anyway...
Husbands’ excitement metre:
 Stressed. Babies cost a lot.
Mini-Muffin Kick-Counter: Slowed a bit this week – still some kicks, but I think I’ve been too busy to notice the small ones!

So this week marks around 15 weeks until Miss Muffin is born. Which means around 105 days remaining. So I’ve got to thinking... how is this baby going to get out of me? Though I'm clued up enough to know that she won't be bursting through my stomach like in Alien, but the options are overwhelming!

Like, we’ve totally talked about having a ‘Natural Birth’ if possible, but I’ve never really thought about what it’s going to feel like having to go through what has been described as 'the most intense pain most women have ever felt'. Yeah, not giving me a lot of confidence. On the other hand, a lot of women go back for a second pregnancy or more, so it really can’t be intolerable. I’m thinking on a scale of ‘standing on a lego’ to ‘being torn apart by sharks’ it’s somewhere in the middle. Possibly closer to the shark side. Again, this doesn’t give me a lot of confidence, and makes me strongly consider the drugs option as I can be a bit of a wuss, but I’d like to think I could do it. Women have been doing it since the dawn of time, right?

But, you may ask, why not just get drugged up? Well, though this is a great option that may end up happening, I figure this is the only time I’m going to give birth for the first time, so why not feel the whole thing. If it’s too much, don’t do it next time! Perhaps it’s the hippy in my heart, but nature usually only throws things at you that you can physically handle (obviously this is a general scenario, not a complicated pregnancy!) so it’s not like my body will rip in two, though perhaps it may feel like it.

Anyway, call me an idiot, but I don’t want to take the easy way out – I want to experience the birth of my daughter as much as possible. If that means an epidural five minutes after our arrival at the hospital, well that’s what will happen. I guess all you can have is preferences, and those preferences will change as the situation changes.
On a more exciting note... I WENT SHOPPING TODAY! Okay – Actually, I had an hour to kill before my ultrasound appointment, so I went to the shopping centre and Mother Care.. and Spotlight. I’m a speed shopper.
And I bought a few more pink things to give our little cherub so she doesn’t have to run around naked for the first few days (although in December it will be so hot she might as well be!) INCLUDING a tiny, pink, frilly swimsuit in 000 size!! I don’t know how much it will get used – most babies swim naked – but it’s so adorable and was on sale I had to get it!
I also found some pink maternity jeans, and material with ponies on it that I plan to turn into ruffle nappy-covers! Oh-golly-gosh our poor daughter is going to be so cute it will hurt to look at her for too long. I am a little ashamed of myself as nearly everything I bought was distinctly girly, after saying I was hoping to go a little bit more ‘femmie’ and not force our daughter into being a girly girl. But let’s face it, with me as a mum, she’s going to be exposed to a lot of ponies, rainbows, fairies and dancing. If she decides to join the local Rugby Team, cut her hair short and wear men’s football jerseys, so be it. To me, that’s fine when she’s old enough to make choices about her life, we will discuss it and encourage her to follow her dream. Just like baptism/christening – her choice when she’s old enough to make it! But... I guess parents can’t help but push their own loves of things they enjoy onto their kids when they’re young. On the upside – Justin will balance out my overtly bubbly girly Musical-loving extrovert personality with his inadvertent ‘greige’ and love of AFL and computers. I figure our girl will fit somewhere in between. Or not at all. Or love sport. Anyway – that’s for the future to decide. For now, she will wear pink (and other colours!) and frills, and tiny pink frilly swimsuits, because she has no choice and can’t defend herself. BAHAHAHA! So here’s what she’s going to wear...

ADORABLE FRILLY SWIMSUIT! (actually very tiny – looks big in the picture but is much smaller)

 PONY ONESIE! (The Low Fire Danger Warning is always a good sign... because our child will be near many open flames...)

 Pretty Dress & Pink Zig-Zag onesie! So Cute!

Annnnnd Justin is SUPER EXCITED ABOUT ALL THESE BABY CLOTHES (as you can tell by his face!) he is totally keeping it in. He really is excited *shakes fist*. This skirt is a size 000. He cant believe how tiny it is.

They were all so cute I had to get them! Miss Muffin can hate me later.

Also – I found this website for wall decals! Love the white & pink trees for Muffin’s room!

In the mean time – I will think of several ways to get this child safely out of my uterus. Here are the current options. Justin thinks a) and b) are nuts.
a)    Water Birth & Hypnotherapy (personal favourite)
b)    Grin and Bear it (or cry and bear it)
c)     Cave to the drugs
d)   Make Justin do it (LOL! I wish...)
e)    None or all of the above depending on the day.
     Any suggestions welcome!! 

     Peace xxx


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