Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Last weeks of Term 3, 2012

Week of Pregnancy: 25

Fruit to Fetus Comparison: Still an eggplant, only one of the larger variety!

Cravings:  Lollies, Chocolate, cake – anything naughty that I can get my hands on!

Aversions: All of the above, but work stress and lack of time to prepare meals means I eat a lot of bad food this week... and pay for it an hour later each time! Stupid heartburn!

Husbands’ excitement metre:
 More focussed on buying house/land and getting us away on our holiday next week.

Mini-Muffin Kick-Counter: Still less than a couple of weeks ago – but I think it’s because I’m so active right now it rocks her to sleep.

So this week’s entry will be short and less sweet – work has been hectic, literally every waking moment has been dedicated to marking all assignments (over 165 kids that I teach – some classes have two assignments due) and doing Year 12 Verification folios (fingers crossed they don’t get slammed as it’s my first year sending away Visual Art folios!

So yes, our poor Miss Muffin hasn’t had a lot of attention this week. Instead, I have been introduced to the not-so-joyous twins, Reflux and Heartburn. They follow me wherever I go – whether it be eating an immense amount of lollies and chocolates with my (also stressed out) staffroom, or cramming pizza in my hole for dinner; the twins are there. 

It’s my own darn fault, I know that much, but by the time I get home after a 12 – 14 hr day (some days are blinking awful) I don’t feel like cooking or preparing anything of substance. So we have packet food loaded with carbohydrates and very little protein. I’ve tried to add vegetables where possible (on top of a packet pizza, adding peas to a meal of schnitzel and potato etc) but it’s really a lame effort. Will make resolution to eat much better during our holiday, and as we return from it!

So, wish me luck – marking is still unfinished, but verification is done. Art room is a mess, profiles unfinished, students picking up on my stress levels. Also, I don’t fit in some corners of the storeroom anymore, which makes it difficult to get items that kids need. Fab times, people.

Am in fuelled debate with doctor at the moment about the date as to which I will finish work (14th of December is the final week of school, my due date is the 26th of December... needless to say he is not pleased with my hope to work up until the last week or so!). We will resolve this in future discussions when I see him on the 2nd of October.

Anyway – will post again after our FABULOUS Tasmanian get-away! I can’t wait for husband time and to see part of the great Australian Landscape I haven’t seen before! J Also hopefully some seals/penguins/Tasmanian devils!

Love xxx

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