Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Tests & Requests!

Tests and Requests
Week of Pregnancy: 28/29

Fruit to Fetus Comparison: the weight of four oranges! (approx 1.2kgs?! What a big girl!)

Cravings:  Salad!! (Finally! Ladies, how often have we wished it could be salad rather than icecream – for the waist-line in particular!)

Aversions: Bread. Avoiding bread due to heartburn/reflux! Strangely enough my mum and dad bought three loaves for us when they were up here... THREE! (The majority of which went stale and got given to the dogs...)

Husbands’ excitement metre:  Super-lovely sweetheart. 

Mini-Muffin Kick-Counter: lots of kicks and occasional stamps – occasionally she will shove a foot/elbow/head into one side of my tummy and make it look like she is going to burst out of it like an alien... Also, as we’ve witnessed over the past few weeks, she is psychic and will not kick as soon as someone puts a hand on my tummy! 

Week 28/29 has been pretty great – busy with back-to-school activities such as completing marking (oops), planning, cheerleading (Relay for Life performance!) and an art show to prepare for (200 kids between Jenelle and myself to hang works for! And the help of some lovely volunteers!)

Decided to go swimming this week with the girls – very enjoyable experience! I miss swimming at the coast, although my fitness and breathing is totally shot, I felt so much lighter and mobile than I do walking around at the moment! The lack of gravity was very welcome as I didn’t have to waddle and the lower back pain that has begun to twinge was virtually non existent!

Week 28 brought with it the test for gestational diabetes (YAY FOR NO DIABETES! No thanks to the copious amounts of icecream and lollies I have lately consumed!). My veins have gone into hiding again for some reason – four jabs later  they eventually got blood from my hand (still not a count on the 8 jabs I have once had!) the worst feeling is when they stick the needle in and wiggle it around a bit trying to poke the vein under the skin! Makes me want to spew...

Our little Miss Muffin has been kicking away merrily. She is super heavy  now, and apparently weighs over a kilo! WOW! It’s a weird sensation when lying in bed that my tummy now carries me onto my side if I tilt slightly in once direction! According to our ObGyn she is now inverted with her head facing downwards (a good thing!) which I found is less comfortable on the bladder, as the head is quite heavy! On a particularly bumpy car ride (for four hours!) it was super uncomfortable to feel something heavy (baby) smashing into my organs/bladder/whatever else is down there every time we hit a pothole! Ended up sitting with a cushion surrounding the bump trying to protect us! I’m sure it wasn’t very comfortable for her either!

We have started buying for Miss Muffin! (Clothes don’t count – have been doing that for weeks!) We have finally purchased (on order) a stroller and car seat combo (for the first few months), and have bid (on ebay) on the cot we want! It is super cute and white and has a matching change table thingy. I am excited for the decorating of it! Obviously we won’t need the cot too much until Muffin reaches around 3 – 5 months and gets too big for the bassinet. Which coincidentally lines up with when we move into the new house! PERFECT! Oh yes, also we’re purchasing a bassinet, so we are quite broke (even with our fabulous family who continually offers to purchase us things!), but much of our baby purchasing is done J EXCITING!

So I’ve been probed for bump photos! Here are the latest!  

30 weeks today!!

Feeling fat but kind of loving the shape actually! For once it’s not my boobs that prevent me from seeing my toes :)
A couple of questions for all the parents out there!

1.     Where does the baby go/what does it do when you have a shower?
I am a little nervous about this because there’s not a lot of room to put a stroller/bassinet in our current shower room! I assume you don’t take the baby in with you – the whole drowning/slipping/general dangerousness is bad.

2.     Baby Bouncers – for or against? Why? Please state good reason! (By bouncer I mean the thing that they sit in when they’re really little, not the swing-like-contraption that looks like a bungee swing.  I like this one (Pretty colours!)

3.     What is the one thing you could not do without as a new mum (apart from furniture and nappies and bottles/etc that are ‘essentials’)

4.     Water-Birth/Hypno/Calm Birth – Thoughts if you have partaken in any of these or tried to go ‘drug free’! I'm reading Hypnobirthing and listening to meditation CDs and it makes it sound like an amazing (but INTENSE) experience.

So – Eleven weeks to go (Actually less because I’m posting this quite late...) and I’m sure it will fly by!

Lots of Love,

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