Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Holiday with the Husband whilst being a Humungous Whale.

Week of Pregnancy: 27 - 28

Fruit to Fetus Comparison: Butternut Squash/A Large Cabbage (Approx. 1.1kg and 40 cm long from head to toe! She’s getting so BIIIG)

Cravings:  Water, Feta Cheese (though the two could be related...)

Aversions: Still all things carb/sugar related

Husbands’ excitement metre:  Contented and happy – holidays do that to people J Excited and freaking out that there are only 84 days (give or take a week) until we have a bouncing baby to look after!

Mini-Muffin Kick-Counter: Many more kicks this week. She tends not to kick when: a) I am walking or moving; b) when we are on some form of transport (vibrations & movements?): c) When anyone puts a hand on my tummy. I swear she’s psychic and mysterious!

Yay for blogging!

It’s been a week and a half since we left Bilo in search of greener shores... and found them on holiday in Tasmania! It was an amazing holiday for our Two Year anniversary and also our last one before little Miss Muffin is born. Well worth the time and money put into planning it!

 We tripped around Hobart, 

bought some art, ate some fancy foods,

 found the most ‘gnomed’ house in Tasmania, 

went on a boat tour in Strahan, 

accidentally took a 3 hour hike to see a waterfall (totally worth it despite my shoes falling apart and the mud seeping to our ankles), 

made a snow-man in Cradle Mountain, 

cursed at the Rock Wallaby who ruthlessly murdered our snow-man, 

read a lot, and generally spent a whole lot of time together (my favourite bit, just to be a sook!)

We refrained from buying anything baby related, though we have decided on a pram (I think) and know what kind of cot set we want. I was sorely tempted to go all girly and buy some adorable purple soft baby-fairy-wings when we were at Salamanca Markets in Hobart, but the problem was getting them back to Bilo, as we already had to carry some art and a second hand complete illustrated works of Lewis Carroll (Awesome find!). As well as some fabulous nerd stuff we found at Area 52 (Comic & Book shop in Hobart).

Basically, we relaxed and enjoyed being a married couple for a bit longer – might get a bit tough to appreciate each other quite as much when we have a crying baby, very little sleep, and everything smells like milky-baby-vomit and/or poop. Though I’m sure we’ll love that too!
I guess I just really felt the love for Justin – I don’t often make time to appreciate him and his awesomeness and everything he does for me, so it was lovely just to get time together.

On another note, my uterus is the size of a basketball. Literally – I’ve been told this is the case, and apparently that’s normal. My tummy has really ‘popped’ and I feel super fat right now. It’s officially, trying to do up any form of denim is completely out of the question, even with sucking in and squeezing (probably not great!). The rest of me is normal sized (mostly... boobs are kind of huge still but that’s normal for me) and fits my clothes – it’s just my tummy that kind of wrecks it! Trying to feel the ‘beauty’ of being huge but after spending the majority of your life dieting and trying to look stunningly great with your curves (even though you want rid of them) it’s hard to love being large.

Part baby, part Tasmanian delicacies. 

Also. I now groan involuntarily when getting up from tight spaces.

So week 28 is dedicated to getting a test for gestational diabetes (apparently also a normal test... I hate needles!), working on getting fabulously good at hypnobirthing and self-hypnosis for a potentially ‘drug free’ birth (I reserve the right to revoke this and cry ‘epidural’ at any given point in the birthing process) and convincing my fabulous doctor that I can work until the end of the year.

Doctor B is not keen. Neither are my parents. Of course, any sign of problems and I’ll take time off, but I would like to finish the year off if possible! 

Have booked in for ante-natal classes (full day courses at the Buderim Hospital) and an Active Birthing class (Justin is going to love all the fun labour positions we get to try out).

Updates on hospital induction, blood tests, ultrasounds and belly photos etc in next post.

Change is as good as a holiday... but also a holiday is as good as a holiday! Time to return to Biloela less stressed and more in tune with my husband and myself.

Lots of love,

Rhonie xxxx

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